Hypochlorous and Germ Killing

Hypochlorous (HOCL) is natures defense against viruses and bacteria and is produced by our white blood cells to fight off infections. HOCL is also manufactured commercially and used in a broad range of applications including surgical procedures, wound care, food production, and more. HOCL is a broad-spectrum, liquid disinfectant that contains no bleach and no harsh chemicals is gentle enough to use around kids and pets, and is safe for use on all hard surfaces.

The Nebula One Dry-Mist Nebulizer uses a Patent Pending technology to effectively dispense an EPA registered Ultra Dry, suspended particle, an HOCL disinfectant that is effective against COVID, C. Diff, MRS, Staph, Hepatitis, and many others.

This superior approach allows the natural disinfectant to remain suspended for extended periods, effectively disinfecting hard surfaces. Using air flow to distribute the disinfectant means all of the air within the space will contain this powerful disinfectant for hours.

Thorough and effective disinfecting has become a high priority in essentially all aspects of day-to-day operations in both public and private life.

The Nebula One Ultra Dry-Mist Nebulizer by Arcus Manufacturing was developed to take the disinfecting process to the next level.

When used with our recommended Hypochlorous solution, the Nebula One offers an unrivaled disinfecting process. With a Patent Pending technology, the Nebula One atomizes HOCL to a 2-3 micron size and then effectively dispenses it into the air. This nearly invisible dry mist will remain suspended for hours effectively neutralizing harmful and deadly pathogens.

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